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Downloading methods 

All relevant and current documents on the BDM method are listed below. They can be downloaded as PDF files.

By the way: Methods and products developed for BDM (including the BDM smartphone app) as well as data collected by BDM are available free of charge. If you are interested, please contact reinach Email, indicating the intended use.

General Methods

Information only in German or in French.

Z7 Indicator
Please refer to the German or French section of this website.
Z9 Indicator
Please refer to the German or French section of this website. Full instructions only available in German.
Report on precision and meaningfulness

BDM field surveys have been systematically assessed for quality from the start. Presenting figures and tables established so far, this report summarizes current findings on the precision and meaningfulness of BDM state indicators “Z7: Species Diversity in Landscapes” and “Z9: Species Diversity in Habitats”. The report is meant to be a reference work for experts using BDM data in their studies or looking for scientific details on published BDM data. It is only available in German.

Methodology report

A report from 2014 summarises the concept behind this programme of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN in a straightforward and comprehensive way.

Surveys in landscapes

Fieldworkers record all vascular plants, butterflies and breeding birds found in an area of 1 square kilometer in size. To do so, they usually follow a precisely predefined track along trails or roads.

Surveys in habitats

Fieldworkers record select species groups found in only a small area – typically 10 square meters on land or 5 to 100 meters along a watercourse. Vascular plants are identified directly on the spot, whereas mosses, mollusks and aquatic insects are sampled in the field to be subsequently identified by specialized laboratories.


A selection of all published reports and brochures for consultation.