Vascular plants are helpful indicators for the ecological quality. In the context of the Ecological Quality Ordinance they are already used in the utilized agricultural area. Recently, criteria to assess the ecological quality of summer pastures have been discussed. ART has identified the vascular plant taxa, which best represent species richness, the occurrence of Red List species and the occurrence of target and character species following the environmental objectives for Swiss alpine pastures. More than 3500 vegetation relevés were analysed to constitute an indicator list containing 63 taxa. Based on this indicator list and an appreciation by botanical experts the share of alpine pasture reaching floristic quality is currently estimated to be approximately 50 percent.

Lüscher, G., & Walter, T. (2009). Indikatoren für Ökoqualität im Sömmerungsgebiet. Agrar Forschung 16 (5): 146-151.