The contribution lists all 182 vegetation-plot databases registered in the Global Index of Vegetation-Plot Databases (GIVD) as of 12 July 2012. For each database, the GIVD ID, the proper name, and, where applicable, a descriptive subtitle, as well as the number of non-overlapping plots are given. The databases are arranged by their GIVD ID and grouped according to continents. For each database it is indicated whether it is presented with a Long Database Report, a Short Database Report, or not at all in this volume and the web link where up-to-date metadata are available.

Glöckler, F. (2012). Overview of the GIVD-registered databases. In: Dengler, J., Oldeland, J., Jansen, F., Chytrý, M., Ewald, J., Finckh, M., Glöckler, F., Lopez-Gonzalez, G., Peet, R.K., & Schaminée, J.H.J. (2012) [Eds.]: Vegetation databases for the 21st century. Biodiversity & Ecology 4: 89 - 94.